I'm a UI/UX designer currently working for Bristol agency Proctor + Stevenson. My role is varied and always interesting, there is no typical day. I could be working on anything from design systems for international companies, user experience prototyping and testing, or creating animated interface demos with code or prototyping tools.

I originally trained as a graphic designer, studying at the Arts University Bournemouth. My time here gave me a great foundation in layout, hierarchy and visual design. It’s also where my keen eye for typography originated. After finishing my degree in 2014 I jumped head first into the digital industry learning all I could about the world of user centred design and research from a variety of intern, freelance and permanent positions.

Outside of work I like to work on full stack web applications with a combination of React and backend services like Firebase and Netlify. This allows me play around with new technology and gives me a better understanding of the digital industry as a whole. It's also incredibly fun!

If I'm not desiging or coding something I'll be hanging off the side of a mountain somewhere or exploring the ruins of an old castle.

If that sounds like someone you’d like to collaborate with then get in touch.